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New Burlesque Beginner Course on Tuesdays

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do Burlesque?

Maybe you’ve dreamt of the glamour of it all, the sassiness and the fun?

Well, the Burlesque Academy of Malta is starting a new Beginner’s Burlesque course on the 18th of January and you’re in luck as a few free spots are still available!

In this short blog post we will talk about what Burlesque is and give you an idea of what to expect in our classes!

Some class outtakes

Anyway, what exactly is Burlesque?

It’s not something you easily put in a few words but if we had to be short and sweet about it, we’d say - Burlesque is the Art of Tease, the art of Seduction. It’s expression through movement with elements of disrobing, which may be a sharp and unexpected reveal or a slow and sensual removal of an article of clothing, and of course it’s always tongue in cheek!

A Burlesque act may have a message (it did start as a form of satire after all) or may just be about living your truth, looking fabulous and loving the body you’re in. And it can be anything in between too. There are very few rules in Burlesque and that is part of why it’s so liberating.

Burlesque is also a very inclusive art form.

To join classes there is no need to be a great dancer or have any sort of dance background, it’s about expression and not technique. If you do have training or previous experience that’s great but not necessary.

Gender also doesn’t matter, Burlesque (and Boylesque for boys) is one and the same and we welcome every gender in our classes.

Burlesque is also known for being empowering and body positive and this is true. In our classes we talk about and work on getting in touch with our bodies and loving every part of who we are. It’s great to face yourself and be kind to your body. There is no judgement, just the belief that every body is beautiful and Every Body is a Burlesque body.

So What can you expect in our Beginner Burlesque classes?

We start with basic moves, classical Burlesque walks, how to pose gracefully and walk in heels. There are a lot of fun exercises and improvisation to music. We will learn how to take off some articles of clothing such as gloves, garters and stockings, shoes, a cardigan, etc. We will also have lessons on how to use Burlesque props such as feather boas, small feather fans and learn choreographies with these props! In this classes you will also learn about some Burlesque history and the different styles of modern Burlesque London to LA!

BUT most importantly - it’s fun!

It’s not exactly a workout but it is great for the body, the mind and the soul! It’s 90 minutes of movement, self-expression, self-exploration and tease!

So grab a pair of heels and get ready to Burlesque.

Classes are every Tuesday, starting Tuesday 18th January between 7 -8:30 pm in Msida with Malta's very own Undine LaVerve.

Message us now for more info and to book your spot as there are only a few spaces left!

Much love,

The BAM team!

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