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Burlesque Academy of Malta on YouTube!!

Updated: May 2, 2021

BAM - Burlesque Academy of Malta have a YouTube channel ! BAM has been active since 2014 and Undine LaVerve has been producing shows in Malta since 2015. But it wasn't until we took Burlesque "mainstream" - on Malta's Got Talent (you can see our audition here) that the realization that there is a need to raise awareness about Burlesque in Malta came! And YouTube was the obvious choice!

The Difference between Sexual and Sensual video.

Our Content!

When the YouTube channel was conceived, the aim was to be fun but informative. So the aim was to explain how Burlesque is an artform; how it's very much for both men and women to both perform and enjoy; how Burlesque is not what you saw in the movie , the different styles of Burlesque and a very popular topic - The Difference between Burlesque and Stripping. We also believe that to really understand Burlesque it's important to know the History - where and how our art was born. How it died and how it got revived again. All this and more can be found on BAM YouTube channel!

Our most popular video - History of Burlesque (part 1)

Our Team

Our Team is actually just 2 people! It's a female ran channel! Our amazing videographer and editor - our video creator - Eva Anna Przadka is an amazing artist and visionary who not only creates our videos but lots of other content, including sensual photography celebrating the female form under the name of @adulthood_is_about_creativity .

The host of our videos and the person in front of the camera is Undine LaVerve, Malta's very own Burlesque pioneer! Undine shares her knowledge and opinions generated by over a decade of experience in the Burlesque world in Malta and beyond. This collaboration is two women sharing a passion for Burlesque and creativity! Please support our BAM YouTube channel by subscribing and learn about the Art of Burlesque !

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