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What is Burlesque?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

But what is Burlesque, you might ask?

Well, Burlesque as we know in nowadays is a multi-disciplinary art form, most commonly associated with dance but also includes acting, singing, comedy, aerial performance, circus skills and beyond. A simple online search will give you the following definition: a variety show, typically including striptease. And while this is true, I very much assure you that there is as much if not more teasing, than there is stripping. We, at BAM, like to call it dance with elements of "artistic disrobing".

And of course when one thinks of "Burlesque", the images that come to mind are those of opulence and over the top glamour - rhinestones, feathers, glitter, corsets, garters and stockings... and yes, of course this is a huge part of what Classical Burlesque looks like, but that is not all. Burlesque is comical, Burlesque is fun, flirty, very tongue-in-cheek. There is political Burlesque, Nerdlesque and Gorelesque. You'd be surprised how varied the art form is in both the types of people who do it and what they portray on stage. And that is Part of the beauty of this art form - that it is performed by men, women and everything in between. And these individuals come in all shapes, sizes, colours, orientations and ethnicities. Burlesque is a colourful bouquet of fabulousness and bawdy fun!

What are the benefits of an art like Burlesque?

  • Burlesque is uplifting, it transport you into a place of fun and beauty.

  • Burlesque is Body Positive - every body is a burlesque body.

  • It's empowering to everyone who watches the shows or takes Burlesque classes.

So whether you are planning to join our classes or come and enjoy one of our shows, you know you're in for a fun night! Photo credits: Kevin Cassar and Yellow World Media #burlesque #burlesqueacademyofmalta #burlesqueacademymalta #burlesqueshow #burlyq

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