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Burlesque - a perfect idea for a bachelorette / hens party!

The bachelorette, also knows as a hens party is such an important part of any wedding celebration. It's the time when the bride and her girl group get to connect, celebrate and do lots of fun activities! And Burlesque is a great idea and always a pleasant surprise for the bride to be! And we at BAM can make it happen!

A bachelorette party by BAM! Why does Burlesque work so well at hens parties? The answer is simple - it's a fun activity that can last between 60 and 90 minutes and can break up the day, it's fun, flirty and body positive, it's not exercise but it gets the whole group moving in a fun way, it's a great reason to dress up and can be a simple way to give your party a theme (Burlesque, cabaret, Great Gatsby, moulin rouge) ! One of the ideas to make it really fun is to blindfold the bride and make her think a stripper is going to come but then - BAM, it's one of our stunning Burlesque instructors, for example Undine LaVerve, there all dressed up and glittery! "Let's do some Burlesque!" she says!

Undine LaVerve and Bella Stardust teaching at a hens party!

What does a bachelorette workshop consist of? A warm up, some cute exercises for the whole group and the group gets to interact with the bride and then the instructor teaches the group a choreography. Then, at the end, the BAM showgirl can film the participants doing this choreography to have the memories recorded! We offer a number or choreographies - taking off gloves, taking off robes, our most popular - dance with feather boas and for the more adventurous - dance with sexy floorwork. The first 3 can be done anywhere with enough space for the group to move around comfortably...the latter is best to be done at a studio. Our instructors are happy to come to you and make your party one to remember! Email us on or use our CONTACT page to book your hens / bachelorette burlesque workshop! xxx BAM.

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