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House of LaVerve

House of LaVerve is a Burlesque "house" and Malta's premier Burlesque troupe composed of the "House Mother" Undine LaVerve and the showgirls (and boys) whom she mentors. 


Here you can meet the ladies and find out more about each one. 

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Undine LaVerve

The Sin-Sational Siren of the Mediterannean

Mother of "House of LaVerve" and International, award winning Burlesque performer. Since 2012 Undine has travelled far and wide, representing Malta. 

LaVerve has been organizing Burlesque and Variety shows in Malta since January 2015 with Monthly Burlesque shows and the acclaimed theatre production  MalTease, first organized in 2016. 

Though dabbling in theatre and music, Undine is first and foremost a Burlesque performer  – her style is classical Burlesque with a sensual and often alternative twist, she brings originality, artistic stage preference, fierce dance moves and a spark to stages across the world. 
Undine runs the show and mentors the showgirls of the House.

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Bella Stardust

The Seriously Silly Champagne Supernova

Out of the cold, black void of space Bella Stardust came sliding down to Earth on a rainbow in a blaze of glitter! Dancing through the stratosphere and into your hearts, the intergalactic glamour freak

is here to break the mould - in a classy

kinda way. Mentored by Undine LaVerve

at the Burlesque Academy of Malta.  

Here to put a smile on your face and always with something to say; it’s the seriously silly, champagne supernova.

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Lilithia Rose

She's a Breath of Fresh Air with a Grip that can Choke

Lilithia Rose is a fierce, flirtatious, fever-inducing Burlesque performer from the hot island of Malta. Her dancing varies from cute innocence to Alternative knee shattering floorwork that will surely keep you in a trance. Her seductive glance alone will leave you hot and bothered, so wait till you see her moves. 

Lilithia is mentored by Undine LaVerve at the Burlesque Academy of Malta and is a member of the House of LaVerve.

Be warned, she's a breath of fresh air with a grip that can choke.

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Mabel Moonshine

Your Glowing Shot of Moonshine

Born and bred under Finnish starry skies, based in the sunny island of Malta. Mabel Moonshine, Classical burlesque performer with a splash of fun. Enticing the audience with suggestive visage, voluptuous curves, and luminous stage presence. Mentored by Undine LaVerve at Burlesque Academy of Malta, part of House Of LaVerve troupe. Enthralling you like northern lights glowing in the darkness.

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Phage Nefarious

The Vixen in Your Nightmares

Phage is a Maltese performer that delves into the darker side of Burlesque.
Her acts typically contain an ideal blend of intensity, salaciousness and excitement! Audiences are guaranteed to be left mesmerised and bewildered, so viewer's discretion is advised!
A student at B.A.M. (Burlesque Academy of Malta) and a member of House of LaVerve.

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Scarlett Xeta

Scarlett Xeta

Scarlet Xeta is the perfect mix of Old Hollywood glamour and modern aesthetic. This Polish born, Norwegian bred beauty found her home basking in the rays of the Maltese sun. Powerful, poised and precise and an extravagant starlet on the stage she resonates with the dance side of the art of tease. She is the ultimate classical showgirl but always with an unexpected twist! Despite being at the start of her Burlesque journey, she is one to watch. Mentored by Undine LaVerve at the Burlesque Academy of Malta and member of House of LaVerve.

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