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Every Tuesday!

Burlesque class is not just about dancing, there is a whole Philosophy behind it - it's about a healthy and loving attitude toward oneself and one's body. 

Beginner classes are about instilling just that - learning how to first and foremost present our bodies, how to walk into a room with confidence and command the attention of that room; how to pose and move our body elegantly, how to be poised; how to love our body; how to be sensual and tease the onlooker! 

Beginner classes are a mix of improvisation, learning Burlesque moves and walks; learning how to remove articles of clothing such as gloves, stocking and cardigans and eventually learning choreography! 

Some people attend for fun and their personal enjoyment; some attend to feel good and confident and some are aspiring showgirls/showboys! Whatever your reasons, we are certain that you will feel fulfilled! 

Join us every Tuesday evening at 7 pm

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