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Every Thursday!

The showgirls and showboys who successfully complete the beginner's programme may move on to the Advanced class. 

Our Advanced classes are still very much about building confidence and loving ourselves but at this level we learn and practice different styles of Burlesque; have act building and character building exercises; work in pairs and groups; play fun games which include practicing core Burlesque moves and various forms of disrobing; learn and practice group choreography.

Another big difference is that usually students who move on to the Advanced classes want to be in shows, whether just group acts and kittening, or even solo acts. Most Advanced students become Undine LaVerve's mentees, whereby she mentors them sharing hr experience and expertise. Advanced classes give group members the opportunity to practice their acts and get critique and compliments  from peers, as well as Undine LaVerve.  

For further work on solo acts and character, please go to the "Coaching" section of "Classes"

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