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BAM - Burlesque Academy of Malta is the island's destination for learning the Art of Seduction! 

With weekly Beginner and Advanced classes we teach dance and more! 

“Burlesque is such an art form that’s about body confidence, discovering your sensuality and female empowerment. And that’s exactly what the folks at BAM are doing.
With Undine LaVerve being the big boss, BAM offers classes for beginners through to advanced for aspiring show girls and boys alike.” – Lovin’ Malta.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe space where everyone can be themselves. To promote self-love, body confidence and empower both women and men by motivating  getting in touch with oneself and owning one's sensuality, as well as, encouraging freedom of expression through movement and the art of Burlesque.

On the day I set foot to my first class at Burlesque Academy of Malta, I didn't know that I was in for more than just Burlesque lessons. Apart from the fun weekly classes that boosted my self confidence and helped me to explore my inner sensuality, I had been introduced to a whole supportive community. Undine is a very good teacher/mentor and she helps us every step of the way. Ever since joining the academy, I've had performance opportunities, photoshoots, workshops with various prominent performers, learned about costume making etc. Best decision I've ever made. I would recommend to anyone seeking to explore themselves by learning a new skill.


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